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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou


We are empowered by a greater sense of purpose to produce authentic, entertaining video stories and mini-documentaries that create meaningful and emotional connections between your brand, your organisation, your staff and your community.

Who we work with


We have very strong relationships & work closely with indigenous communities in Australia & North America. Our passion is sharing positive and inspirational stories that celebrate Indigenous history and culture.

We produce videos for NGO’s, Charities  & non-profits of all sizes

We work with third sector organisations of all sizes – from local campaign groups to national charities. We will ensure that your video content is as good value and as effective as possible.

We work with local, state government and public sector bodies.

From State Government departments to local councils, StoryMotive has been making videos for the public sector for over 10 years. Our work has included videos on housing, recycling, health, the care sector, education & more.


Our expertise working in the education sector is second to none. We have worked with a range of Universities in creating captivating documentary style videos


We offer a wide range of services for schools & universities, working with all budgets. Through our sister brand Immersiv8 we work with a range of schools and student media crews to engage organisations with their communities, locally, nationally & globally Whatever your requirements, we can make them work.


StoryMotive will help you create authentic, engaging and effective video content that will connect with your audience.

Our Partners

“We work with student media crews & use interactive video events to engage organisations with their communities”

A Non-Profit philanthropic organisation that draws on global partnerships with first peoples and experienced professionals motivated to create positive and beneficial change.

We produce, post, & promote authentic & engaging videos for a range of clients”

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